Thursday, 11 May 2017

6 Things To Prevent Deterioration of Spine Injuries

Spinal cords take a lot of pressure of our whole body. It is one body part that helps us stay upright. Without the support of a spine, you cannot stand, sit or move. One should understand the importance of a spine and the support it offers on a daily basis. There are many activities that can injure your spine, and you can't avoid them if you are unaware about it.

Talk to medical professionals and inquire how you can avoid your spine from getting injured again or protect the existing injury. You do not want your current spine injury to get worse. Medical professionals like Dr. Aaron Richardet suggests that even if you are undergoing chiropractic care, there are few things you should prevent in order to boost the healing of spine injuries. Following are some of the general prevention for spine injuries:
  • Keep your house and office floors clean, so you do not slip and fall. If you have elderly in the house, make sure to install handrails on staircases or long hallways to improve the safety of the home.
  • Do not try to move a person who is down with a spinal cord injury. Let the emergency professionals come and evaluate the injured person first, because moving them can add on to the complications and damage of the spine.
  • One should wear a seat belt while driving, so that the spine feels less jerks. Wear bike gears so that your back gets some support. Make sure that you buy child seats to install in your car so kids can be secured safely in the back seat.
  • Avoid sports that need excessive exertion and movement of your spine. Sports like American football, bungee jumping, sky-diving and various other dangerous sports can injure your spine. Try to avoid these activities if you want to stay away from problematic spine injury.
  • Do not ever drive a car or a bike under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Don’t use your phones while driving, pay attention on the road so that you do not have to slam on the breaks or take harsh turns to prevent accidents. Avoid as much distraction as possible while driving.
Now that you are aware of these precautions, you should take added care of your spine to live a healthy and active life. If you are suffering from a spine injury or want to prevent an injury, take care of your spine as much as possible.

Dr. Aaron Richardet states that a chiropractor can help you with the pain, but if the condition worsens you will have to undergo surgery. Experts will try to fix your problem with invasive treatments, but if you are carelessness, then the chances of the injury or pain reoccurring are high.

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